Christos was born to make noise thus plays the drums. His part in the group is rhythmic but rarely in sync to the metronome. He can make everyone laugh - even not with the way he plays. He can also play the guitar (but don't be around when he does). He comes first and leaves last.

When he's not with the group he is enjoying drinking blood up in his tower.

His favorite pet is pig (with potatoes and lemon in the oven).

His favorite quote is not understandable by the average person.

He has several pre- and post- graduate diplomas. He can mess up school kids sooner than drugs can. He does that for a living.

We love him


George is playing the guitars. He owns the privilege of being the older member of the group (a phrase that can be understood in many ways). His part in the group is to bring the beer. He can explain all the technicals of guitars, basses, guitar effects, computer music programs, etc even while being drunk. He can play, sing, dance and pick his nose - all at the same time.

When he's not with the group he is driving around on his Aprilia.

His favorite pet is a bulldog. And it's dead.

His favorite quote is not known yet to man.

He can lift more than 300kgs with one hand while chewing metal (and spiting out screws).

We love him


Chris is the song writer and guitar player. He's the reason public libraries close down. He can name the difference between all music styles the world has known - in random and with eyes closed. He talks louder than everyone - even when he whispers. He owns films that can make the best go crazy. He's proud of it.

When he's not with the group he is engaged to a thousand activities. None of them pays out.

His favorite pet is a woman.

His favorite quote is non-intelligible.

He never has balance to call you from his cell phone. He can fall faster than gravity pulls him. He can lift you up faster than anything.

We love him


Yannis' part in the group is (besides playing the bass) to grumble about how a part of a new song is bad - usually without being able to express what he doesn't like or offering any suggestions. He makes up for this by always going late to the rehearsals thus minimizing the exposure of his negativity to the other group members. His last attempts to sing vocals are probably the most amusing act ever known to man.

When he's not spending his most productive hours with the group he is known to wander in foreign countries or fly up on the skies in an airplane.

His favorite pet is electronic.

His favorite quote is his - and he's too arrogant to share it with everybody.

He's a candidate of the nobel prize once he finishes his university degree (which is short of one exam away for a great number of years)

We love him