B-Sides influence

B-sides are in comparison a new band but in a strange cosmic way have influenced other groups already.

Brit pop, new wave and alternative - although ahead in time of the group's presence were the most influenced music genres to benefit from our music. If for any reason these genres were not invented by the time we got to exist, we would have done so.

Groups such as the Smiths, R.E.M., Belle and Sebastian, Puressence, Tindersticks, Starsailor, Pulp, Stone roses, Muse would never be what they are if we didn't exist.

Here is an undoubtfull proof of that ;-)

(Disclaimer: No really we are hardly ever serious. We could name a hundred groups we like to listen to (Chris could probably name a million more) but we don't try to copy the sound of any of them. If we do sound like something you know is because there is rarely a thing called "spontaneous" creation in music)