Flakes - B-Sides Live @ Politeia / 2007-12-19

B-Sides / Flakes

The first live of B-Sides took place in the "Politia" live hall on 19.12.2007.

That night Flakes were presenting their forthcoming album and asked as to do the support.

We hapily responded (as we are great fans of flakes) and played for the first time public as B-Sides eight of our songs (Future, Queen, Will, Away, Forest, Who, Time to burn, Morning - not in that order but we don't remember it anymore and it's of no importance)

Although we are considered to take lightly a lot of stuff we were pretty anxious as we wanted to get things done right. Fortunately the sound and environment were great and helped us relax.

The reaction of the audience was very positive and some also asked for more but we have to confess that we had a lot of our friends between the strangers :-)

The funny thing is that since we kept working on those songs the way we play them today has changed so that live was a one and only experience (if you were there feel proud to brag about it!)

Afterwards flakes got on the stage to play the songs of "lick your fingers if you like it" album. They played Wish, Trashroot, the Secret life of Errol Brown, Swinton and the others that we don't remember the names ;-)